Director Reviews

Last year was my first year directing band, and I happened to come across your site when preparing for my new undertaking.  I ordered 4 pieces: Rock Element, Razz Ma Tazz, Folk Dance and Medieval Dance for our spring concert.  The students liked them and happily practiced outside of class. We could work on making music instead of the dreaded “noise” of 5th & 6th grade band!  The 6th grade band was so taken with your music, I even got to play the jazz piano along with Razz Ma Tazz- they felt so accomplished, that they could play their instruments along with a “grown-up.”
Thank you for a high-quality selection of music for beginning band.  I’ve told so many about your great works!
“Hi! I hope you are doing well! I started working on “Swing It” today with my 2nd year kids. They love it! One of my trumpet players said that “Swing It” is awesome! I really like it, too! I am very much appreciating the easy flute parts. I definitely don’t have one of my stronger flute sections. Today, they were pretty successful with the easy flute part and were excited that they only had to play Bb and F, and that they played so well. The percussionists liked their parts, as well! Thank you!”
Baltimore County, Maryland
Hi Linda, I am really excited about the new music that I received.  I have taught 29 years and never could find good music for beginning band.  The music was always too difficult.  I always used the same songs because they worked.  All 3 of the songs look like they will work well with my group.   Thanks for your help. 
Mentor, Ohio 
My students enjoy playing you arrangements. The first year students are so happy to play music that is not from the book, and the second year players enjoy playing with their friends who have just started. The percussion students enjoy the variety in your percussion parts. 
Silver Spring, Maryland 
“I have a lot of your music and love it. Your compositions are the best things out now.”
Baltimore County, MD
“Your pieces are a lifesaver for me as a beginning teacher who is starting a new program.  I don’t have any music that is easy enough for my kids!  I am interested in ordering 3 more string orchestra pieces. My concert last night was fabulous! We played String Fling, Lament, and Silly String. The kids sounded great and I would not rate many of them as strong players.
Thank you so much for writing great music for beginning strings.”
Harford County, MD
“I think her music is great! I really enjoy teaching it to the students, the students enjoy learning and playing the pieces, and the parents always are pleased with our concerts. The students are really playing good, fun music and are learning new skills as well!”
Baltimore County, MD
“My students asked me to email you to let you know how much they LOVE the two pieces we had ordered from you (Silly String and Rockin’ Along)! They especially enjoy playing “Silly String” – once I convinced them that it looks harder than it actually is 🙂 We’re looking forward to performing them at our upcoming concert in April.”
Carroll County, MD
“Thanks  for writing “instant success” music. I performed Riff Raff last year and the kids really liked the piece. Skeletons is also great for the start of school and Halloween.”
Dover, Maine
“Your tune is a big hit! It’s going together quickly and has gotten rave reviews from my 3rd graders!”
Howard County, MD 
“I have just started working on “Jamboree” with the students. I can’t wait to hear it with the whole band. The students like it and were so excited that they could play some of the lines the first time through. They also like the patting the knees and clapping part.”
Baltimore County, MD
“*Your music is playable for a variety of instrumentation.
*It is truly written for beginner band and string students.
*You have acc. CDs available for some of your string pieces.
*Your oboe parts are written in a range that is truly comfortable for beginning oboe players.  (You don’t just write a flute part and give it to the oboe players as well.)
*In your string music you have violin 1 and 2 parts, as well as easy or open string parts for each instrument.  Really works for a variety of playing abilities.
*You have written such a variety of music!
*The percussion parts are fun and you always use multiple instruments…SD, BD, Sus. Cymbal, bells, plus additional instr.
*I have taken band pieces of yours and used them for jazz band and it works great!  If I have one piano player, I will have him/her play either the flute part of trombone part.  If I have two piano players, one plays each part.
*You have written pieces that have string parts that go along with the band parts.
*Your music sounds great, is fun, and very motivating for my students!
*I’ve had students who enjoy playing your music so much that they have asked to do more of it!”
Baltimore County, MD
“Thank you so much for sending the score for Gypsy Dance. My students love playing it. It is their absolute favorite. (Also I love it too!)We won first place! Very excited!”
Maryland City, Maryland
“I submitted an order for two of your
pieces to my district director of music today, but you can guarantee that I will
be ordering more in the future!”
Oceanside, New York